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Clicking noise from HX 520


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Hi, I'm corsair's customer from Thailand. This is my first post, I'm apologize for my poor English.


My goal is to make silent PC. So I decided to buy HX-520 (judged by recommended articles from silentpcreview.com)

For the first time I turned on power supply, I notice small clicking noise come from the PSU fan.

Then I goto retailer shop and ask for replacement. After returned home, I test the second PSU and I still notice the same clicking noise.

At that time I think that noise might be normal characteristic for this PSU.


But after a while, I do searching and found many people talk about clicking noise in corsair PSU.

I think my PSU might has a defect, but the policy of retailer shop will allow replacement within 5 day (but now it is 10 day)


I'm quite sure that the noise is come from fan. Because I try to stop fan with cotton buds, then the noise gone.

I have recorded the noise, so anyone can tell me that it is normal or not.



15 CM Away from PSU

Stop the fan then allow it to spin

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Many times, the clicking/buzzing noises come from the PFC filter circuitry or components used in the AC-DC conversion process, and these components all can react differently based on how clean the power source is. A unit that performs silently here in the lab may buzz or click in a house with older wiring, or a room with a failing battery-powered UPS, or any number of other things. If the noise stops when you stop the fan, then I would suggest that you loosen the fan screws on the bottom of the unit about a 1/4 turn, and see if anything changes.
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Thank you for you reply. :biggrin:


In Thailand we use 220V. I didn't use any UPS and the noise also occur in my friend's house (far diffrent location).


I just try to lossen the fan screws about a 1/4 turn, it doesn't make any different. Then I try to remove all the fan screw and try to adjust fan position. The noise level is drop a little.


Next I try to slow down fan speed by cotton buds. I discover that the clicking noise disappear at lower fan speed.


By the way, do you listen to my WAV file ? Dose it same as the clicking noise that other people talking about ?

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Now I've found solution.

I using a wire to push down the fan and make fan not to moving up or down.

The clicking noise almost gone. that make me very satisfy :D:


If anyone what to use this method, please make sure that the wire not too much tight to make fan stop spining.



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