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D975Xbx2 and TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX


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I decide to open an topic so my stuff don't get lost in the crow .. :D:


Helpppppppppppppp ....:eek:


:p: I'm back again ...


well for a week now thing seem to run okie ... but since 2 day ago .. i got a reboot ....


so i decide to run prime95 blend test longer ... and every time .. when it get to 7-8 hours the system crash ....


i re-run memtest --- 4 pass okie ...

OCCT -- run 1/2 hours normal .. and 1 hours just mem it's crash when i'm 23 min left .....


so aparently my system is not as stable as i thought ...

what can i do ???


ram = 2x2 4096c5dhx

333x9 = 2999 bus

Vcore = 1.325

Front bus overide = 1.3575

MCH\ICH = 1.575


Ref frequency =266

Mem frequency = 667

5-5-5-15 .......... 2.04Volt


what can i try next ???


i want 4 gig or more and that why i bough this Ram ... i look thru the forum and see many many sugestion to use this ram ... but maybe is not good for Quad ?


realisticly i'm only OC to 3gig .. i'm happy with that because of the temps. ... want to keep the max temps close to early 50 C only .. i run my machine 24/7 so do want some thing stable. i been very patient and test.. test.. and more test .... jusr want to make sure i'm totally stable ... some of the thing i do is time sensivtive so then can't have the thing crash in middle of the night...


your C4 don't have 2x2gig .. if did... i already buy it ... but in the long run i might need to up to 8 gig .. but for now 4 gig is good ... want extra 2 slot for the future maybe


or i should get the C4 instead and get 4x1gig and that is all i can do ???

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I would try and lower the memory frequency to DDR667 and see if its stable.


it is to 667 already .... i just try even lower to 533 ... and 1 hours OCCT only get me to 19 min left ..... i'm so so frustradeeee ..AAAAHHhhhhhh :confused:


i accept limitation of this board .... but 3gig is not much ... and as far as i know ... too much voltage is not good either .. so i'm been very very carefull and slowwy raise .. so shoud i raise my front side buss or my MCH ???? or raise my ram to 2.08V ???

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i have test individual ram .. because the first one i got 1 ram was bad ... each run atleast 2 pass in memtest .... and also when change voltage do run atleast 2 pass to make sure .... i'm up my voltage


front side buss to 1.4

and also MCH/ICH to 1.6


this 2 number are pretty high for 3gig ..


i also even up my ram to 2.08 .. but run prime95 blend felt at 7-8 hours or OCCT felt at 22 min to 18 min left .... before i run just 6 hours i figure it's enought .. but since the reboot ... i begin to do long long test ... just want a very very stable system .. because i do run this computer 24/7 ... do alot of download and upload also video editing on this ...

i thought life was perfect :(: and was so happy with my new system... so please help ... thanksssssssss

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