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Hi There!


Let me start by saying this forum rocks!


I need a little help wit a ram issue. I have a Asus P4p800-E Deluxe motherboard and a Intel Pentuim 4 3.0 Processor. I bought the Corsair Value Select 2048Mb (2x1GB) Kit 400MHz 184Pin PC3200 CL3 ram and installed it as dual ram in slots 1 and 3. In slots 2 and 3 I have Nanya 256x2 Pc3200 (200Mhz) installed. Everything works fine with no problems at all but I cant but wonder If this is the fastest my ram could run as it seems it is running at 199.9mhz or 200mhz according to cpu-z software which I used to check the ram speed.


I was told by computer advisers I can use all these ram together without any loss of speed, is that the truth as I bought the new corsair to improve my speed. Any help would be appreciated!



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