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ram conflicting with mobo? failed to load operating system?


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i just built the computer yesterday and upon trying to intsall xp it makes it halfway threw the install and then crashes saying error loading operating system..


i called up my mother board manu and they said it could possibly be my ram being incompatable. i need some verafacation.




^^^^ thats my ram.





^^^ thats my mo bo



please help. this is driving me up the wall hehe.

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well ive got a bit ferther sence the last post. i had the ram in the wrong slot. i have a1 a2 b1 b2 i had ran im a1 a2 ... i moved a2 to b1. that fixed the failed to load operating system problem..



but now ive got another problem.. it loaded up windows as it normaly would. said it had 7 minutes left for the install. i went in the other room to grab something to eat. i came back to a black screen with a blinking underscore in the upper left corner. ... now im back and stuck..


so irestarted it.. now im lookin at a black screen but my hard drive led is blinking like its doing something. so im lost.


if its not one thing its another. let me tell ya.

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before i do that , i just pulled one stick of ram out and its starting up at the next part of windows installation.. ..


i will try what you said in a moment . i just want to see if it will at least give me a desktop.



i just got off phone with a techsupport at my mobo manu's and he was saying it could be my power supplly being to weak... but i dont know. hes gota smarter guess on computers then myself.. but my buddy pickedmy spec's out and did say something about powersupply but it should run with what i have.

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well i maid it to desktop.


im trying what you said. i have disabled legacy usb supoort...


where do i find this ram voltage?



ps. my mouse is usb.. would me turning legacy usb support to disable prevent me from useing my mouse?

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