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Memory for XFX 780i Board


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Heya guys,


I have an XFX780 on preorder (due to arrive tommorow), and am trying to pin down the various memory options.


I am looking for 4GB, and will be dual-booting to 64bit for some programs, olthough the system will be mostly used for gaming in 32bit. Yes it will be triple SLI, and yes I am expecting a bunch of issues ;-)



The whole system will be watercooled, and I am looking at using these ram coolers: link, and yes, it will all be overclocked - the aim is get the very best performance out of 'sensable' hardware choices (like the Q6600) - of course that goes out of the window when it comes to graphics!


Now, the obvious memory choices seem to be dominators, but I am concearned over the 'fins' I may need to take off, to fit the coolers.


Which (SLI\EP Profile enabled) memory would you suggest for this ? What are my options ? And in many cases I can only see 2GB kits, Can 2 x 2GB kits, ordered together (thus I assume same revison) be used reliably ?


Many Thanks,



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Ok, thanks for the info - I assume this does not have SLI support (and I further assumed its at 800?) ?


I am aiming for a good OC (hence the full system watercooling) - whats a reasonable expectation ? I had assumed that the 'value' range had dropped out of tests as faster speeds, and thus would not be a good oc candidate ?!?


I guess I would like to see 1066+ (and stable) - is the 780i board going to help any with memory loading ? Any suggestions on anticipated settings ? Or am i going to be forced to run 1:1 @ 800 ? Which really seems against the grain on a system like the one I am putting together - I was hoping that with the correct parts and prior planning I could avoid it!





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