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Crosshair & 6400 BE & Corsair Ram Problem


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hey guys, first ever post, was wondering if someone could offer me some suggestions.

i have recently upgraded my system from a 4600+ x2, to the 6400 black edition. im running an asus crosshair mb, 2gb of matched corsair cm2x 1024-6400 , an 8800gt, and a soundblater x-fi.


upon installing the new processor, i started the new system.. only for it to hang before it even reached the boot screen. after a little examination i realised the system would boot no problem with just one 1gb ram stick, int he second blue dimm slot, but i added the second 1gb stick, or moved them to the white dimm slots, the system would fail to boot.

ive updated the bios to version 8.04, but that doesnt seem to make a difference.

ive tried setting the ram timings manually, setting voltage manually, clearing cmos and trying this.. removing the cmos battery and replacing it etc etc

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I would contact the MB maker and see what they say especially if both modules will run and pass one up with http://www.memtest.org.


asus have emailed me suggesting i manually set the ram timings and voltage with one stick... then once ive done that, restart withthe 2nd. but that doesnt work


have u eevr come across a similar problem before?

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