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A7N8X-X Rev.2.xx & AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton


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Hello and sorry for my bad english....iám german...


I have read all the threads in this great forum for this problem and google was my best friend too...:biggrin:


I have problems with my MB,CPU and the RAM....( see my System Specs )....


Every time the System will reboot when i have the BIOS set for my system...


Multi : 11x

FSB : 200 Mhz

System Perf. : USER

Memory Freq. : 100 %

Resulting Freq. : 200 Mhz

RAM Volt : 2.7 V

Memeroy Timings : Manuel / USER

SDRAM Cas Lat : 2.5

SDRAM Ras to Cas : 3

SDRAM Row Prech. : 3

SDRAM Active to Prech. : 8

CPU VCORE : 1.7 Volt


All settings i have tested....the system still reboot...


Anytime Windows starts....5 Minutes later reboot....not verytime in the same time.....5 Minuten...then 15 Minutes....



Now the System runs stable with AMD Athlon XP, 2133 MHz (11 x 194) 2800+ with the settings they i have posted....when i will 200 Mhz FSB the system is instable......


P.S.: The CPU is an real 3200+( AXDA3200DKV4E )...not an 2500@3200...


I have tested the Corsair alone....reboot....i have tested,before i buy the Corsair, the Kingst**...reboot....now i have use the Corsair and the Kingst** ...now a little bit better....Windows atarts and then reboot.....


Can erveryone help me.....?


Now i tested the RAM with MEMTEST.....Settings are the 3200ér in the BIOS....




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CPU Frequnenz : 200 Mhz

CPU Settings : Menü

CPU Multi : 11

System Performance : USER

Memory Frequenz : by SPD

Memory Timings : USER

SDRAM Active Precharge delay : 11

SDRAM Ras to Cas delay : 5

SDRAM Ras Precharge delay : 5

SDRAM Cas Latency : 2.5

FSB Spread Spectrum : 1,00 %

AGP Spread Spectrum : disabled

CPU VCORE Setting : Menü

CPU VCORE : 1.775 Volt

Graphics Aperture Size : 64 MB

AGP Frequenz : AUTO

AGP Voltage : 1.5 Volt

AGP 8 x : enabled

AGP Fast write : disabled


3D Mark 01 ( Old system...hehe....) are good...MEMTEST over night 0 Errors.....


3 Hours later now i have an reboot.....RAM Timings i think....


Another USer from another Forum write this :


Graphics Aperture Size : my on 64 MB(he means 2x VGA-RAM)


AGP Frequenz : my on AUTO (he means on manuel 66MHz)


AGP Fast write : my bios on ndisabled( he means on enabled)


FSB Spread Spectrum : my ob 1,00 % (he means disabled)



I will test it.....





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  • Corsair Employees
If you are passing memtest there is probably not anything wrong with the memory settings or the memory itself. I would suggest that you update to the latest BIOS for your board, load optimized defaults and then use only the Corsair memory to test and see if you have the same issues.
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I have the latest 1010 BIOS flashed...this is the newest for my Mainboard....from the CorsAirs site i have take the Timings for the RAM....i have allready use these settings and optimized defauls too.....


MEMTEST shows me no errors over night....


When i use VCORE 1.65 Volt the PC not boot....when i use VCORE 1.775 Volt ( very high i mean ) then the PC boot....PC will run 1,2-4 hours and reboot....



The Nforce has Command Rate (CR) 1T...


The Corsair ValueSelect are with 2T .....is this the problem....?



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Command Rate (CR) 1T from the Nforce2 i can´t change...



In the I-Net it gives an 1007 BIOS....the features are :


- L12 (200fsb) mod built-in

- higher bandwidth romsips (10x/10.5x multi fixed) from dfi infinity 6-19 bios

- xp-m cpu name included

- various bios options/settings are unhidden

- original 3.04 bpl in the cpc on bios (bpl unmodded) and cpc off (name ending with 2T, modded bpl)



Is this an BIOS then i can change the Nforc2 from 1 to 2....?



Just for Info :


AMD and many other User means that i have an Fake XP3200 Barton.....i wait for an answer from the AMD Support...they will lokk my CPU....the Serialnumber are not in their CPU List.......not good i mean.....



And the Programm Central Brain Identifier says :




See the OPN Number.....i have the settings in the BIOS for an XP 2500....now he works fine and i can work too....another settings i can´t work with my PC.....


That is amazing....when this is correct what mthe programm shows i have an Fake CPU......


I will reply what AMD says.......






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Sorry late seeing this. I have a a7n8x board and mobile clocked to 2.3ghz in it.


Ya you got scammed sorry to say. That was commen fakers would rebadge the cpu but cpu-z will show that. Set it as a 2500+ again and if interested I can help you get a bit more mhz out of it, providing thecpu allows it. Let me know.

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