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Will my PSU manage a quad core CPU


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Hi All


I currently own a Corsair HX520W PSU and have an E6600 CPU, 2GB RAM, 5 HDD's, X1950XT, SB Live 5.1, Pioneer DVD Writer and 5 USB devices. My PSU rocks with this setup and I have had no stability issues whatsoever.


I am considering getting a new motherboard, an extra 2GB of RAM and a quad core CPU (Q6600) and wondered if the extra 30W TDP on the CPU will max out my PSU or will it be OK?


Also my motherboard has a 20 pin connector, by connecting my PSU to a 20 pin motherboard do I lose any of my PSU's power, or does it give the same as a motherboard with a 24 pin connector.


Any help would be much appreciated


Thanks in advance

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From the specs I found on your ASrock board, I do not see anything that would indicate that it would support a Quad Core CPU. This is most likely because it has only a 20-pin and 4-pin connector on the board. The PSU would have enough power for this system, however the board would not be able to supply this power to a quad core CPU.
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