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Nevermore Corsair Voyager


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2 Corsair Voyager and 2 bad parts!!!

Think this is too much for a brand like Corsair.

I'll never buy an other single part from Corsair.


Overall I'm from Italy and have no warranty here. Yes Corsair gives life warranty but I've to send the part and it cost to me 70$ from Italy and a new pendrive cost 60$. This is absolutely wrong. It's too easy for Corsair.


If there's another way to solve the problem just tell me otherwise Corsair is out for me.


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I already contacted you the FIRST time I had a problem and you already told me I have to send the part to you and I have to pay the shipping cost. Think it lost time hear from you a SECOND time the same thing. This is crazy that I have to pay 70$ to send you a broken part that cost 60$!!!!!!!

Is possible there is no warranty coverage outside the US???

Thought you was an international company. Everyone from around the world have to send you the broken parts??? Incredible....

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From RMA support:



All warranty issues and replacement are processed here in the US, unfortunately we don’t have any facilities that can handle RMA overseas. As of now we are working our best to handle this special type issues out of the US but at the moment only US location are the ones handling RMA. Thank you.


RMA Support

Corsair Memory Inc.




Technically this means you don't have an adequate warranty coverage outside US at the moment. Right?

So all your bad parts around the world are all "without warranty" because of the extremely high cost to ship them to you. Very complements.

This should be written on the package so that everyone can decide if his country is covered by warranty or not.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

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Obviously YES. And he said that the warranty is offered by the producer and not by the reseller so I have to send the bad parts directly to Corsair.

This is why I am here otherwise I should have already solved also my first problem. Don't you think?

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  • Corsair Employees

The answer you got from our customer service was correct the Warranty service is done here here in our Main office, but did you talk to them about your specific case or just complain about the not having a office to help you locally?

Again, I would suggest calling them on the phone and talking to a supervisor and I am sure they will do their best to help you.

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