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Dominator 8500D Failure


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Hi Ramguy,


I just started to get random freezes on my machine again last week and after running memtest found out that another one of my Corsair 8500D modules has apparently gone bad. With all four modules in my system it will post but throw errors, but when running just the one stick in question my machine will not even post. I am running a Intel Bad Axe 2 motherboard, and this is the second stick of 8500D in the past year that has gone wonky on me. I am not running any additional voltage to any of my components, and system temperatures all are good. I have tested the faulty stick at both 2.1 and 2.2 volts, and it doesn't seem to want boot with either. I am just wondering what could be causing the modules to fail. Currently I have two dual channel kits for a total of 4 x 1 GB sticks. Over at another forum one person suggested that maybe the board is giving additional voltage to the modules to cope with the added stress of running four modules? Could this be? The board is based on the 975 chipset.


Anyways, I just ordered another dual channel set (2 x 2GB) of your XMS 6400 modules from NCIX here in Canada so hopefully I will have better luck only running a two module setup. I was going to put in an RMA request for the faulty module, but thought I would also check to see if you folks do any sort of refund for your products or if would be better off just selling the old Dominator 8500 modules privately once the RMA replacements and my new 2 x 2GB XMS set arrives?


Your thoughts as to how to proceed would be much appreciated.



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