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Need help with corsair CMX 3200 pro


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I am currently having some ram issues and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and could let me know what is wrong.


I am running a Gigabyte motherboard( GA-K8NS rev 2.0) with 2x 512mb ram(corsair pro series). I recently upgraded ram to 2x1gb ram strips( Corsair CMx3200pro) and cant get both of them to work. If i put 1 of the 1gb strips in the computer turns on normal but if i put both in the system will not power up.


I can put the 2x512mb strips in and a 1gb strip and it works perfect. but i cant get both of the 1gb strips to function together and they are the exact same.


any help would be much apprecaited.


also i have:

antec 500w power supply

radeon 9800pro video card

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