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I've been trying for a little bit over a week and half to get a stable OC with my ram & mobo. I was able to run both 3DMARK03 & 3DMARK05 with no problem, but when I tried to run ORTHOUS it crashed in 2hrs. My settings was as follows:


ddr2 667 (4:5)459mhz (ddr2=918)

cpu 1.35v

ddr2 2.10

mch&pci e 1.7

mem timings SPD 5-5-5-15-40

I then lowered my memory ratio to ddr2 533 (1:1) and the mem timings changed to: SPD 4-4-4-12-28. I then tried memtest and it ran for 10hrs. Not knowing much about memtest other then it stresses your memory I shut it down this morning without checking if it had errors. I thought it would stop running like ORTHOUS if their was a problem. My other settings I used where the same as listed above accept for my memory ratio which was the following: DDR2 667 (4:5) DDR2 918, DDR2 800 (2:3) DDR2 501. At these setting I could not run ORTHOUS over a few mins nor could I complete either 3DMARK03/05. I would prefere to to run at DDR2 800 (2:3) DDR2 501. I'm I expecting to much from this memory or is it the mobo?

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