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Corsair Ram incompatible with ***?


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I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe board and was running Corsair 1Gb TWINX-3200XL matched pair of DDR400 on slots 1 and 3.:D:

I bought *** EL DDR PC-3200 2x1024MB Dual Channel Platinum XTC and added them at slots 2 and 4. Only 2Gb registered. Swapped the *** to 1 and 3 and the Corsair to 2 and 4 and only 1Gb registered.:confused:

Took the Corsair out and the *** registered at 2Gb.:sigh!:

Was kind of hoping (obviously!) to run 3Gb on my system but there seems to be some issue with compatibility, somewhere.:eek:

I am not very experienced in this kind of thing so any advice is much appreciated.:idea:



PS Obviously I am not allowed to enter the name of the other brand of RAM (It has 3 letters!)

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