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memory compatibility issue?


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My system is: Athlon 64 3200+ ECS 755-a mobo xfx fx5700 256mb video 1 512mb "corsair" 3200ddr Ultra 400 watt power (wasa no name 350watt) windows xp pro seagate 80 Gb 7200 SATA HD I recently purchased a new system and have nothing but problems. Usually when I run low resource intense apps, everything is fine, however if i try and run high end apps such as 3d games, dvd playback, or even complex photoshop rendering my comp either a) displays the blue screen of death b)reboots c) closes all open apps. all these symptoms occur within 15 minutes. The temperatures are around 40oC for the CPU and 35oC for the system I have had my motherboard replaced 3 times now (one time it actually blew up) and my power supply replaced once..I wanted the whole system replaced but thats all my vender would replace. I have had nothing but problems with this vendor which is techtronics Computer 840 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 306-545-1005 My memory seemed to pass memtest86. However I would not be abit surprised if I have used or conterfiet memory. The serial number for my memory is 302846. I would appreciate any advice or help you can give me in order to get my system stable
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