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16GB Voyager appearing as "file" not drive


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My new 16GB card does not appear to work for some reason. I have tried to use on 4 different xp machines.... it seems to install fine, however when I double click on the drive icon (it has a unique drive letter) I get the dialogue to choose which application to open this file "I:\" instead of opening a window. I have tried all USB ports on all of the machines with and without a hub. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted etc etc but same issue. I get the usual request of what to do when I insert the drive... If I open as a window then, it opens up as normal. If I closer this and then try to re-open - no luck.


What's strange tho is that dragging a file icon over the drive icon actually copies the file to the drive, I can save a file from an application onto the drive, I can even open up windows explorer then navigate to the drive and copy files and see the content.


This seems crazy - I have never seen this before with a flash drive. Any idea what this is and whether it can be fixed or does this need to be RMA'd.



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