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[HX520] Emitting high pitched squeal


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Hullo there!


I'm the owner of a new HX520 (EU rev. B2W). No need to tell you how great it is etc.


However, after powering it up I noticed a fairly high pitched squeal and what I think is fan noise, which I really didn't expect (with all the good reviews).

It's clearly audible within about 1m of my case, which is a p180.


I'm not sure it's the famed 'buzz' most people talk about nor is it the cricket noise which might be heard under low load conditions.


I recorded this sample with the PSU plugged into the wall socket, powering it up with the paperclip method.

Quality isn't the best, not sure the mic picks up much at all beyond 15kHz.


The squeal / fan noise is the same in 2 machines and does not change with load.


btw. when I stop the fan the squeal is gone for a split second, then returns even when the fan's not running. The fan itself makes a ticking like + buzzing noise. (far more than, let's say, a 120mm nexus fan)


Could someone tell me whether this is *the* buzz? And does the squeal sound acceptable to you, or is this a clear case of DOA / RMA.


Thanks for reading!




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Hullo Ramguy!


So I've done as you asked and RMA'ed the PSU. I chose to go through my retailer as I'm in Europe and shipping costs would be really high.


The replacement unit arrived today! I dreaded the possible outcome, but plugged it into the wallsocket and used a PSU power-on-plug-thingy to dry run it; no squeal!

However, it immediately started ticking! I gently brought the fan to a halt, it then stopped for a second ( as the squealing did! ) but soon returned.


Again I recorded the sound:



For testing purposes I've also tried it plugged into a surgeprotector, same result.


I'm not really sure what to do next, clearly I want to get it replaced, but I'm not sure whether to ask for another HX series or one of the somewhat more recent Seasonic branded ones.


Google and this forum show I'm not the only one with the ticking issue. Could you perhaps tell me if it's less common on the 620HX, or an issue that has been fixed in more recent batches. Anything to aid in the decision making.


Thanks a heap in advance, your customer service is still one of the best, globally.



Not sure if there's anything to it, but it's another Rev. B2W. Which is printed on a label that appears to have been placed over whatever it says underneath (revised / upgraded units?).

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Can you try and loosen the fan screws a half a urn and see if that stops?


Preferably not, the retailer might refuse to accept my RMA when I either mess up and damage the unit or it'll show I've 'tampered' with it.


When I stop the fan completely (using a tie wrap) the noise is still there, so it's not vibration or the fan hitting something.


That said, would you like me to try?

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I've tried what you suggested. The ticking remained the same.


It may help to note that as with the squealing noise my previous unit produced; the ticking noise vanishes for 1 second when stopping the fan (by tie wrap) and when the PSU makes it spin up again. Afterwhich it merrily resumes ticking.


If I were not held back by voiding warranty I'd see what happens with the fan unplugged.


Thanks for thinking along with me!

Any other suggestions?

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