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620hx low voltage?


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im having varous crashing and other glitches with my new system and im wondering if it may be related to my PSU


in speedfan my 12v rails are reading 9.82v this seems a little out of the 5% spec


heres my system

evga 680i mobo

e6850 cpu

2x bfg 8800gt oc 512mb vid cards

corsair xms2 twin2x2048-6400c4 ram

wd raptor 150gb HD

hitachi deskstar 750gb HD

X-Fi xtreme gamer sound card

620HX PSU (obviously)

antec 900 case

3 stock 120mm fans

1 stock 200mm fans

zalman 9700 CPU fan

windows XP pro SP2


ive mostly been seeing the glitches and crashes in games but it is also happening every once in a while in normal windows operations


ive tried updating drivers and ive gone through my running apps and services and shut off all non essentials and also run a throurogh virus scan and ad-aware and spybot scan...all came up clean


any help would be appreciated


thanks in advance

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If your +12V rail were truly that low you probably would not post. You can never rely on software voltage readings from Speedfan, Everest, MBM, etc. since they poll the info from the mobo in different fashions. Instead you need to use a DMM to test the 3 main rails.


IMPORTANT - Testing Your PSU Rails


Have you ever tested for stability using Memtest86+ or Orthos?


How to guide: Memtest86+, Prime95, and SP2004

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hi elitekiller


yeah i know i shouldn't rely on software for level indicators....but in all the cases ive seen of people doing just that, the numbers they have seen have usually been only small % off from spec..i'm off by over 2 voltage points...now if that much of a difference in software monitors is normal, then wow...software monitors suck a big one.

now don't get me wrong im gonna get myself a multimeter tonite and test them....but it just seems that even in speenfan a reading of 9.8v on a 12 volt rail shouldn't be happening.

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If were actually that low, you wouldn't be able to post. SpeedFan and all other such utilities usually lag in the ability to read newer components by at least six months. They also aren't able to read all sensors correctly. It's usually best to check the site for their list of motherboards and components thy are capable of reading before installing them.
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