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ASUS Striker Extreme and dominator pc10000c5df


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To be honest I believe it to be the motherboard. I have run Memtest multiple times and the ram checks out good. Also, its running at the correct preformance at 800mhz.


I thought maybe my motherboard might be bad so I went to the Asus forums.

It appears that no one can get this 10000 ram to work correctly with this motherboard, and all I have read is complaints on it. Some people say to downgrade the bios ect ect, but it shouldn't be this much work for something so simple.

This has deffinately left a bad taste in my mouth for Asus products, and thier forums are terrible to boot.


If you can think of any other tricks to try please let me know.

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Well I would suspect its more to do with the CPU you have than the MB, and the CPU frequency goes Up the memory frequency will have to be more in sync, IE with a CPU FSB of 333 Mhz the memory Frequency should also be 333MHz or DDR667, and if you look at the reviews on this MB and or chipset no matter who made the MB I think it will start to be become clear its more of a limitation than a bad MB or memory or CPU.
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