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Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 and 3 GB of memory - solution?


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I've just purchased parts for a new computer and got the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 motherboard along with the Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D Dominator 2x1024MB(tot. 2048MB) XMS2-8500 1066MHz EPP kit and it's all powered by a E6550 CPU.


My main question is: how would I go about achieving 3 GB of RAM in this system? I'll be running a 32 bit instance of Vista Home Premium and ideally I'd like to fill it with memory (i.e. 3 GB (yes, I know that 4 GB is possible with EAP, but that's a whole different story)).


I'd imagine that there is some kit with two 512 modules, but I can't really find anything that would be compatible (atleast not anything that's for sale i Sweden) - am I missing something?


If 3 GB is not an achieveable combination I'm willing to go for four 1024 modules and accept that without EAP the top part of the memory won't be accessible. In that case - should I buy another kit like the one mentioned above or is that not possible? If possible - which timings / other settings are recommended?




Actually, I ran into problems with the kit I bought together with the motherboard. With one of the modules the machine wouldn't POST properly (in 8 times of 10 it would halt during och directly after the GFX POST (tried it with different GFX cards - same result)). After some testing I came to the conclusion that it was one module that produced this result - have now requested an RMA for the kit.


But then again - I'm gonna go home tonight and check the BIOS settings (which are untouched from the default settings) and verify that for instance the voltage is correct (2,1 v). Do you think I'd be able to get the 'faulty' module running by tweaking the BIOS settings or am I barking up the wrong tree?




Thanks for your input!

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You will have issues if you install 2 X 1024 and 1 X 1024. The main issue is that you will lose your Dual Channel Mode. On some boards you can achieve Dual Channel with 2 X 1024 and 1 X 2048 or 2 X 512 and 1 X 1024. The pattern can be seen that the third stick must contain the same size of the two sticks added together. Most boards will not accept this configuration as Dual Channel though.


I would stick with 2 X 2048. I run a dual boot with 8500C5's. WinXP and Vista Ultimate (for DX10 Games) and 2GB has not been an issue, even with Crysis.

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Hi and thanks for such a quick response!


Yes, I've gathered as much (regarding how to keep the dual channel mode), hence my search for a kit with two 512 MB sticks.


Actually, my main area of use for this machine won't be gaming, but rather heavy photo editing (Photoshop, Capture One et c.). That's why I'm looking for a solution to stuff this machine with as much memory as possible.


Btw, checking and configuring the voltage setting (which was actually set to 1,8 v) and configuring the timings didn't wake the second stick up, so I guess I'll have to send the kit away on RMA.


So, to avoid being without a working computer for about 2 weeks I was thinking about purchasing my future memory upgrade now already. ;)

I've got two alternatives, the way I see it:


1) get two 512 mb sticks (which ones, if any?) which would give me 3 GB of physical RAM when the RMA has turned around


- or -


2) another kit with TWIN2X2048-8500C5D which would give me 4 GB of physical RAM when the RMA has turned around.


Would any of these two alternatives require any special tweakings regarding frequencies to make it work?

A lot of questions. ;)


Thanks in advance!

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You can end up with quite a few issues regarding 4 DRAM slots populated and I do not advise anyone on this route anymore. Far easier to install 2 X 2048 and run them at the full rated speed.


You might have no issues (not a great percentage), you might have some issues that pertain to dropping the bandwidth (better percentage) and you might have issues regarding the physical working of all four DRAM slots (less percentage) and you may have MCH/Northbridge issues that will not allow (The Dreaded C1 problem) four DRAM slots populated at all.


I always advise to go th 2 X 2048 route rather than a dice throw. You are now informed and can make your choice. Should you transition to the 4 X 1024 route, good luck...

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