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memtest86 settings


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I am new user and trying to understand what is going on. What do you use ?


ver 1.7 or ver 3.

Menu settings ?

I ran v3 and just got too many errors.Would make me believe the sticks were "very" bad !!


I have a memory conflict. Pretty sure it's a program, but would like to test.

This just happened and am removing programs that were just installed.


Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R.....E6850....CM2x1024-8500C5D


Bios timings are set ok and no kind of overclocking used.



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The e6850 is a core duo with 1333mhz front side bus so don't know if memtest86 will give accurate information. I just got the readme file.


I have used Memtest86+ v1.70 with E6850/E6750/Q6600 (All G0 Rev) and it works just fine with regards to testing the memory.

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Thanks for your help. Here is what was done.


With these sticks the timings are 5-5-5-15

The bios optimized default are 5-5-5-18.

I changed the bios to 5-5-5-15

I went back to optimized defaults. Ran 1.7 and got no errors. CPU-Z is still showing effective 1333 fsb.

The program trouble showed up with Executive Software Undelete, a recycle bin


Only on this machine and not on my AMD A64 3500+

A little more detective work should narrow it down.

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It's always best to test for stability with a fresh system. My advice is to install a fresh system and drivers. Create an image of this system for future use and then install other software. I would personally not use utility programs such as the Undelete one. Rather, you can use a DOS based recovery program such as "Hiren's Boot Disc" (Google to find) to recover, create images, test your system, etc. The utility programs that are installed in Windows often create their own services and terminate but stay resident executables which can cause issues with the OS.
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