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Back at the end of August(2007) I purchased a 3rd kit of Twin2x2048-6400 for my main PC to have 4gigs of memory to run with my Vista Ultimate 64bit well recently I've been getting BSOD crashes with physical memory dump so I went to test all 4 of my sticks with memtest & and found its only 1 stick and Im only getting errors after like 13hours. As soon as I started getting errors I shut down my PC and took another Twin2x2048-6400 kit I had in my 2nd PC that was running perfectly and waited 9 days before asking for this RMA and I've had no issues at all since. I've even swapped my memory around on the motherboard just to rule out a bad memory slot on my EVGA 680i motherboard. So I would truly appreciate a RMA# so I can get this taken care of. I even tried running my memory at 2.0 & 2.1 and this didn't help either. Thank you in advance.
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