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Initial setting suggestions for TWIN2X2048-9136C5D on DFI Lanparty UT P-35 T2R MB?


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This is my first post here. I am getting some TWIN2X2048-9136C5D memory this week to try with my DFI Lanparty UT P-35 T2R MB. I understand these memory sticks come with Micron D9GMH IC's, and people have suggested that memory based on these IC's should work well with my motherboard. What settings would you recommend I start with?

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I would set to ~1000Mhz with 5-5-5-12 and Memtest. Then I would begin to tighten the timings. Set this DRAM to ~2.25V.


5-5-5-12 -- > 4-4-4-15 --> 4-4-4-12 @ ~1000Mhz


Then you can begin (if you want) to increase the bandwidth and raise the timings. 5-5-5-15 --> 5-5-5-12 @ ~1200Mhz


Set your command rate to 2T.

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