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Bad memory, PSU


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P5K deluxe and IP35 pro


Using both Corsair memory and a PSU I ran into a little problem this weekend. My fans would spin up on power up but nothing else would happen. A friend who also used a P5K deluxe mobo encountered a similar problem a few weeks ago and fixed the issue by replacing his mobo. I had access to an IP35 Pro so I swapped out my P5K, hoping that would resolve the issue.


The problem remained and the mobo hung on C1 (detect memory). I swapped in some cheap 667MHz memory that runs @ 1.8V and the system booted just fine. I could go into BIOS and set the memory voltage to 2.2V, but when I tried to save and exit BIOS upon restart the system would pause at 8.3. (ATX Power Supply Ready) and then shut off. Turning the system back on, I would be greeted by a CMOS checksum error and all my BIOS settings would be reset to default, which obviously makes it impossible to set the memory voltage to 2.2V.


I then found out that there have been a few reported problems of the IP35 Pro and the HX series PSUs not playing together well so I went back to the P5K deluxe. Using the cheap memory, the system would boot and I could set the memory voltage to 2.2V. However, upon putting my Corsair memory back in the system would pause as it did when I first encountered this problem, with the fans spinning up but nothing else happening.


I tried various combinations of one stick of memory, two sticks, no HDD/DVD, with and without rain dances, etc. It appears that there is something wrong with my memory and PSU. I assume the next course of action should be a RMA request?

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Did you try the system with the "Other" memory and see if it was stable and update the MB BIOS?

I used the cheap memory to get the IP35 mobo running (installed Windows, ran some tests, etc.) and reflashed the release 14 BIOS and that didn't fix anything. The P5K also ran stable with the cheap memory.

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