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memory problem


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I bought a pair (TWIN2X2048) of Dominator 8500C5D sticks from Scan Computers only to find that the (newly built) computer would not boot. After a lot of swapping of parts I found the problem was one bad RAM part. Got an RMA and returned the pair. Scan tested the RAM and confirmed the problem.


Sounds not too bad so far...


Received the replacement twin pack today. Same problem! One good stick, one bad. Wherever the bad stick is installed it has the computer turning itself on and off constantly with no sign of it wanting to boot. Put in the single good stick and everything is fine, as is using a pair of 6400C4D from another machine.


Have Scan got a bad batch? Or is there something else I should be trying?


(A not very happy) Terry

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That might suggest some other problem, are you setting the memory voltage to 2.1 Volts? And I would suggest a bigger PSU with that configuration, but check with ATI and make sure the PSU you have will work with that Video Card.
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I've increased it to 2.1V but the voltage makes no difference.


I've tried the new RAM in my P965 machine (where I borrowed the 6400 memory from) and it does exactly the same. That box is powered by a Corsair 620W PSU. :roll:


By the way the P35 machine runs quite happily with any other memory that I put in it so I don't think the 480W Tagan PSU is a problem. Also I'm not overclocking anything in this computer, just default settings all round.



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