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PSU advice for Digital Audio Workstation

The dman

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I'm putting together a computer for my recording studio and from what I've researched I'm thinking about a Corsair PSU, I'm not sure which size PSU I need. I need something quiet which I've heard Corsairs are. I'll be overclocking, nothing extreme but I'm going to pump it up a bit. I'll also be running 1 pci audio card and 2 pci dsp effects cards(UAD). Here are my specs:


MOTB: still deciding

Processor: Q6600 w zalman cpu cooler

Ram: 4 1 gig sticks (brand depending on MOTB)

PSU: Corsair

Hard drives: 1-80GB Sata 2 -500GB Sata (maybe another 500 gb eventually)

DVD burner: Samsung?

Graphics: 16 x dual screen fanless video card (still deciding but I don't need a gaming graphics card)

3 PCI slots will be filled with the above mentioned cards

I'll be occasionally use a external usb or esata drive for backing up.




P.S I've been using a 300 watt Sparkle for years on the following system slightly over clocked, with no problems. I'm running the same pci cards that I talk about above


Abit Nf7

AMD 2.4

1 gig ram

3 IDE hard drives

Matrox G450

Dvd burner

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