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Advanced latency settings for this mem


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I have the TWIN2X2048-6400C4 modules, and have been playing around with some OCing lately.


I was browsing some forums and found some settings in the advaced section i could try out. I did that, but even though it's still unstable. I get crash in OCCT and orthos. I dont get any crash running SuperPI. When it comes to memtest86, its running rite now at home (currently at work) and ill post if i get errors there. (Will be a 8 hour test) Btw will memtest86 be the choice to find out if the memory is the problem, when im experiencing lockups or crashes in stability testing?


Here are my rig: http://www.evga.com/community/ModsRigs/comment.asp?sysid=5160

(the current oc values is not correct btw)


These are my current voltages and timings (on EVGA 680i SLI Rev. A1:


CPU 1.46

vFSB 1.4v

mem 2.15v

SPP 1.4v

MCP 1.5v

SPP <--> MCP 1.4v


Mem Timings 5,5,5,18,2t, Advanced: 4,28,4,10,7.8


My E6750 is currently at 3,6ghz and mem is 900mhz. Running linked/synched.


Should i try other timings? or should i maybe leave out mem at some point unlinked? And try tightning the timings?



Please help me here, im stuck :)

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