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Help !!! Asus P5n32-e Sli + 4g Of Twin2x2048-6400c4


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:(: hi everyone

i'm from romania (so excuse my english) Got a big problem : my system is not stable using 4g ram. it boots everytime , runs great in OS enviroment (xp prof 32 bits) and any other app, but when i play i'm getting BS and the system restarts (no freeze or other ..just restarts.).

i tested the mem using memtest - getting errors in test nr.5 (usb legacy support -disable)

i tried any combination in bios (v.1205) : 4-4-4-12@800mhz 2.1v,2t, nbcore:1.4v , fsb tracking:1.4v,cpu vtt:1,4v i red all the threads from all the possible forums !, tried 667mhz-----nothig !!!. When i'm using 2g(no matter which kitt i use)-:laughing:- working (and memtest-No errors). but together these kitts- no !!

i'm sure that the memories are good and i don't wanna change them (even if i want i can't- it's romania and here they don't care about customers)

on the other way the MB is working fine just with 4g not doing well

there is a way to make this combination work (i would like to work 4-4-4-12@800mhz preferable)

thank you !!

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Your problem is that your motherboard memory controller can not run as fast (800MHz) with 4 sticks of DRAM as it can with 2 sticks of DRAM.


Download memtest from http://www.memtest.org and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.


Enter your BIOS setup utility. Load Default Setup Values. Save those Default Values and then enter the below settings.


Multiplier = 9

FSB = 266

DRAM = Unlinked and set to 800Mhz


Memory Timing


FSB - Memory Clock Mode: Unlinked

CPU FSB: 266

CPU Multi: 9

DDR FSB: 667

tCL: 4

tRCD: 4

tRP: 4

tRAS: 12


Advanced Memory Settings


tRRD: Auto

tRC: Auto

tWR: Auto

tWTR: Auto

tREF: Auto

tRD: Auto

tRFC: Auto

Async Latency: Auto





Vcore = Auto

Vdimm (DRAM Voltage) = 2.1v

Termination Voltage = 1.4v

1.2v HT: Auto

NB Vcore: 1.45v

SB Vcore: Auto

CPU VTT: 1.25v


After setting these values, please boot to the Memtest CD and allow for 2 full passes.


Use OCCT Perestroika for a quick, hard and fast CPU stability test. Download Here

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thanks a lot for these settings DerekT, i'm sure they are the correct ones but i already did that and still have errors in memtest. In the meantime i found that i have one bad stick. Here is what i did:

1. with the same settings as you posted,

first kit of 2g in a1 and b1 slots (blue slots) and run Memtest86 v1.70

2,0V - 0 errors

2.05V - 0 errors

2.1V - ERRORS in test #5

in a2 and b2 slots(white slots)

2.0V - 0 errors

2.05V - 0 errors

2.1V - ERRORS in test #5

it didn't bother me even if its written on the package 4-4-412 2,1V warranted!!! but lets say that kit works!! even it doesn't at corsair specs.

each stick from this kit tested alone in all the slots at 2.1V - 0 errors, but not together at 2.1v cl4 as you see.


2. the second kit of 2g in a1 and b1

2.0V - errors in test #5

2.05V - errors in test #5

2.1V - errors in test #5

in a2 and b2 slots

2.0V - errors in test #5

2.05V - errors in test #5

2.1V - errors in test #5

each stick from this kit tested alone in all the slots at 2.1V one - 0 errors, the other- errors in test #5!!!

I never and i don't think its correct testing one stick from the first kit pair with one stick from the second.

Anyway, its written on my sticks v2.1 and as i find out this version is using

Promos chips not Micron D9. Promos chips are not capable to reach the specs

written on the packages so why talk about OC & stuff..... In my opinion these mems based on Promos are a big "lie" from Corsair - look here :



Does Corsair know that i was its fan, but in the future i'll think twice before buying a corsair product, but it was my fault too cause i didn't search the forums before buying.

Who will replace them in Romania ? answer : nobody!!! i'm telling you cause here warranty="zero". You know what the dealers are saying ? (i called them on the phone) : "if you get to OS means that the mems are ok and beside we don't have the time to test your mems 15min or 1 or 2 hours or how long it takes to see if your system gets BSOD and restarts.."

Corsair knows that in Romania i paid almost 500$ for these "lies" which

is more than a good !! salary per month for a common person here. I'll have to work for a month saving all the money i gain to get another 4g of ram.It tooks me almost 2 years to built the system i have and i get stuck in these 4 incapable ram sticks.

If i didn't find what chips are used for 2.1version i was thinking they were special made for selling in Eastern Europe.

Sorry for the hard words, but i'm very very upset

Once again thanks to DerekT for helping and for your quick answer, you are a nice guy !!!

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That would suggest a power problem, and I would suggest a 600 Watt PSU minimum with any 8800XX Video card.


i don't think that is a power problem, and here are my arguments:

My PSU ( http://www.sirtec.com/HPC-500-A12S.php) has a little display on its back which shows the instant consumption - i measure the consumption when i bought it and what it shows on the display is very exact!!!. It has an efficiency up to 84% (this means around 400w real power) and my consumption never goes up to 340w (not even in full load when i was gaming for hours !!)

My second reason is : how much power does my PC needs running Memtest - i was looking to the display and it shows never more than 150w !! - which means 30% from PSU power. And lets by serious , how much power needs an 8800gtx while running memtest (this is not a game or another app which demands a lot of power !)

my system restarts with BSOD randomly after gaming 1hour , 2,3 in many cases after 8 hous or more !! so if it was the PSU, for sure when i was gaming the system gets BSOD and restarts as soon as my PSU achived its full load playing games like Crysis, f.e.a.r, and other in 1680x1050 with all max!!


anyway, a lot of thanks RAM GUY for trying to help !!, as soon i as i'll buy another 4G ram ,i will save money for another more powerful PSU just to eliminate this question, even its not the PSU and the problem is the memory with those stupid Promos chips !!

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i've solved my problem!!!! my second kit of mem is doomed!!!! as i said before. I was "fighting" with the local corsair dealer to test the mems and finally i found there a nice guy who listened to me and tested them with the system they have in service- and the result was as i told them: memtest errors test #5

They finally replaced the mems with another kit v2.1 revision (Promos chips!!)

As soon as i returned home i tested them in my PC ,single (2g) and than together with my first kit- ITS WORKING !!! (memtest-0 errors in all the tests , 2 pases). Now my system is stable(test it 12hours non-stop!) and i have 4G installed with 4-4-4-12 2T@800mhz 2.0V (2,5V shows everest and pc probe).


But still mad on Corsair for these mems with Promos chips, they look exactly as those with Micron chips, at least CHANGE THE PACKAGES - the awards written on the package are gain by the mems with MIcron rev. 1.1 !!!!

Shame, shame. shame!!!!!


By the way , anyone looking for the correct settings in bios : use DerekT's !!! they are the correct ones.


VERY IMPORTANT: those who are using Asus MB with 680i chipset (striker extreme, P5N32E...) , remember that these MB "boost up" a little some voltages by default, and one of these voltages is mem. voltage, so, for getting the real measure value of 2.1V use 2.0 - 2.075V in bios (depends of the bios version, ex: bios v.1205 = use 2.075V without problems)

good luck !! and thanks for those who red this thread and tried helping

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