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2 HX520W PSU's damaged?


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Good day,


I have replaced the graphics card in my PC, being now a Asus 8800GTS 640MB. In order to power this card,

I installed a HX520w PSU . The system was OK for a few days, powering off and on the PC everyday, but

monday afternoon last week, I could not start the PC anymore. I have measured the voltages with a volt

meter, and I got 0 volt in every pin in the ATX connector so I went back to the retailer and I replace

the PSU with other HX520. I bought and UPS in order to be sure that the PSU was protected.


Everything was fine, but yesterday the new PSU refused to work again. It happened that, while the PC was

booting up, a few moments before the windows xp welcome screen appeared, the PC powered off suddenly, and

it was not able to power on again. I have measured the voltages ant I got around 4.90V in one pin and 2.8v

in other. I have performed the PSU test, shorting the two pins and the PSU did not powered on, but i hear

a faint "click" inside the PSU. I have tried to power on with the PSU connected to the UPS or directly to

the power outlet in the wall with the same result in both cases


I have installed the old PSU ( a "cheap" 400 w PSU) and the old graphics card ( nvdia 6600GT) in my PC and

it is working, so I think that the problem could be related with PSU and/or graphics card.


Would I try with other PSU or graphics card? I think the HX520W is powerful enough for my rig, but I do not

mind to get a more powerful PSU like the HX620W.


Thanks for your help.

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The hx520w should be fine with your system, I would recommend that you test it on a different system to see if you are having the same issues. The PSU may be tripping the "Over Current Protection" or "Over Voltage Protection" due to an out of spec signal from the motherboard. Cheaper PSUs will not have this protection and the system will seem to be functioning properly until something is damaged.
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As I said, the PSU is damaged as long it does not power on, so I can not test it in other system. If I perform the PSU test as explained in this forum, I only get a sound like a cricket or kind of a buzz inside the PSU. I will try to get a third PSU and test it for a week or so with the old graphic card in order to isolate the problem. I think there is no choice if I want to use my PC.



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