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Foxconn X38A


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I had ordered TWIN2X2048-8500C5D for this new system I just built, but sadly one of the modules is bad, so I'm returning the memory. Foxconn X38A mobo


I went to the memory config page, entered motherboard/foxconn/X38A and all it came up with was DDR3 for this board, it does not list any DDR 2??? I also have a memory voltage setting question. My CMOS has a default memory setting of 1.8v, and I noticed that my memory says 2.1v on it. Does this mean that I should change my CMOS default settings or 1.8v and up the voltage to 2.1v?


I'm looking to buy more Dominator DDR2 twin matched either 2GB or 4GB. I game a lot!


Looking at...




TWIN2X20488888C4DF not sure what this set cost so much more

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