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DDR2-5300 vs DDR2-5400


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I am about to upgrade my laptop memory from 1GB single channel to 2GB dual channel.


My laptop is: ASUS F3JP-AP035C-A

SO-DIMM 200-PIN CL-5 DDR2 667 1x1GB RAM standard


The (general) question is:

Would DDR2 667 5400 RAM be able to run in DDR2 667 5300 slots? I don't know whether the MOBO is 5300 or 5400. I heard that 5300/5400 only designates the theoritical bandwidth of the RAM. So only to say that 5400 is possibly capable of more bandwidth than 5300 - is DDR2 667 RAM regardless of the bandwidth designator compatible with the SLOT?


There are few DDR2 667 5400 RAM sellers, and more DDR2 667 5300 - so I'm guessing that 5300 is more of the standard.


Its a good guess to say that it would not be a good idea to MIX the two together. But to have one or the other in the same RAM slots....that is the question.

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