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Unstable System With Ddr400 At 200mhz


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a8n-sli premium

amd x2 4400+

matched pair of corsair cmx512-3200c2 DIMMS (1GB total)


1 * xfx 7600gs (not running sli)

2 * seagate 7200.10 sata 320GB

1 * DRW-1814BLT

windows xp home SP2 (plus amd patches for dual core)


with my current configuration the system runs completely stable

ONLY if my DDR speed is clocked DOWN to 158Mhz.


If I set at the default 200Mhz I get daily BSOD crashes typically


which I believe can be linked to memory hardware issues.


However I am certain my RAM modules are fine as they have previously run at 200Mhz on this system with a SINGLE Core Athlon for nearly 6 months. (They have also been tested for 12 hours continously with MEMTEST and no failures).


I have rebuilt and reinstalled latest drivers several times and whatever combination of drivers and hotfixes I have tried have NOT resolved the issue.

I have rebuilt XP HOME twice, both times even with a minimal configuration for basic hardware nForce4 chipset, Nvidia graphics etc. Still get crashes.


At 200Mhz was getting 5203Mb/s transfer rate but at 158Mhz NOW only getting 4315 Mb/s.


Just wondered if there is a way to get back to 200mhz with this rig?

Does anyone know why this could be happening?




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2 * cmx512-3200C2




Have tested each module with memtest on its own in A1.

But both modules have been running at 200mhz stable with a single core CPU, prior to upgrading to the dual core, I cannot see how they could be faulty?


Cannot remember if I have tried A1 + B1 maybe thats worth a try at 200Mhz with the dual core configuration??

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  • Corsair Employees
Command Rate will have to be 2t with a dual core CPU and the module should be in slots A1 and B1 but if they test with no errors one up its not the memory. And when you changed CPU's did you load setup defaults and then set the settings again?
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Thanks for the info about 2T rate requirement for dual core as I assumed 1T would be fine as used with single core?


I will change the command rate to 2T and put memory clock upto ddr400 and see what happens; and move memory from a2+b2 to a1+b1.


When I installed the dual core I cleared the CMOS settings first then Loaded BIOS defaults and finally manually adjusted memory timings as per settings used for single core (hence keeping 1T command rate).


Thanks for your input.

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