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Added 2 more gigs of ram = system unstable


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I just decided to take the move to Vista Ultimate 64-bit, and therefore bought another 2gb of Twin2X ram (TWIN2X2048-8500C5.)


I updated to the latest bios for my Asus P5B motherboard and set the frequency to DDR800 at 2.10v (the highest the board would allow.) -Then I enabled the 'Memory Remap' feature.


I can't get the system stable enough to pass memtest86. Is there an issue with my memory kits being manufactured more than a year apart? The part # is the same as the original set that I picked up over a year ago.


Both sets work beautifully if installed by themselves. I've switched slots, etc but nothing improves. I've even tried clocking them down to DDR800 (frustrating with such fast ram) but they still aren't stable.


What am I missing? :confused:

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