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P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe mobo and CM2X 1024 – 6400 pro


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I have the asus P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe mobo and CM2X 1024 – 6400 pro XMS 6405 v4.1 memory. I think that my PC should be running a lot faster than it is so I looked into setting the RAM timings manually. I have set the

CAS – 5,

tRCD – 5,

tRP – 5,

tRAS – 12,

tRC – 17 and the

Address Mode at T1

And the memory voltage is 1.9. This is according to information I have found on the corsair forum and my own research. Is the tRC correct?


Does the xms 6405 v4.1 mean that i need to run my memory voltage at 4.1 and not 1.9?


When I purchased the mobo I was under the impression that it will run memory at 800 but according to the manual that goes with the mobo it will only support memory upto 667. Is this true?


I tried to run the above settings at 800 but my PC keeps rebooting at the windows loading screen. So I have reduced the memory speed to 667 and it now runs fine. However I feel there is no increase in system performance.


Is there anything you can suggest?




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Thank you guys. I have made the suggested changes and it now runs at 800. However I have not noticed a difference is speed or performance, which I was expecting. Is there an advantage to me running the memory timings manually as opposed to on auto? Is there any point in setting the memory manually if I leave everything else on auto? Can you suggest any other settings for my mobo?


Thank you

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