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Cancel the RMA ticket, please


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Dear Ramguy,


Some time ago I posted a message about the performance 8500C5D modules in this forum (http://asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63932), which had a purpose to clarify or confirm several thoughts.


At the same time I sent a shorter version (of the message) to the support line (a link to which I found somewhere here), which (to my surpirse) resulted in an RMA invitation from the RMA department. This by no means was implied in my request as I was sure the modules were fine.


Thanks to DerekT, now I know the benefits of high-end Corsair memory and could test it on my own. I'm on my way to getting the most out of my 8500C5D's and there is definitely no need for any relacements.


May I ask you to cancel the RMA for my case

-=RMA #1031948=-

and free the line for those who really need it?


Thanks to you and your forum

Special thanks to DerekT




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