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Hi all, recently i added two more 2x1024(c5) to my gigabyte p965-dq6 and then the blue screen(memory dump) always occurred.. before it i am using 2gb, now was 4gb.. i try to run memtest and pass twice on pair. i patched the hotfix for vista and everything, i adjusted the vdimm +0.2, but the problem still remain.. any1 can help me please... :sigh!:
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The problem is that the MCH Northbridge (Memory Controller Hub) on the Motherboard can not run as fast on access and load with 4 DRAM banks filled as it can with 2 DRAM banks filled. So since the memory controller can not keep up with the extra DRAM at the rated 6400 speed. You will need to drop the speed of the DRAM from 800Mhz to 667Mhz. If you had purchased 4 X 1024MB of PC8500 (1066Mhz) DRAM, then you would have had to drop to PC6400 (800MHz) DRAM, etc. 2 X 2048 will not issue this problem. This is a problem of all 4 banks being populated.


Think of it this way. If you have a small phone book, then when you go into the index to find the page where you will find the phone number you are doing so at a certain speed due to the pages of the Index. Then you have to drive through the pages to get to the number. Now if your index is twice as large and the pages twice as many, then it takes longer to access the data. Now DRAM has a Strobe and the length of the strobe is how long the rows and columns can be left open before they must be refreshed. There is not enough time for the dram to be refreshed and then accessed with 4GB at the full access speed of the DRAM. The chipsets are optimized for 2GB, not 4GB and for 2 DRAM slots, not 4 DRAM slots populated.


You can overclock the FSB (and hence the Memory Controller Hub = MCH) to gain some extra bandwidth and thus access the capabilities of the DRAM since the chipset is now clocked up. Usually when you clock up the FSB and concurrently the Memory Controller Hub (MCH) you need to raise the voltages of the CPU/MCH a bit as well.


Enter your BIOS. On the main BIOS screen press Ctrl + F1. You will see the screen flicker. Next select the MB Intelligent Tweaker option. On that screen you will see many additional settings that were not there before.

MIB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)

CPU Clock Ratio = 9

CPU Host Clock Control = Disabled

PCI Express Frequency = 100Mhz

C.I.A.2 = Disabled

System Memory Multiplier = 2.5

DRAM Timing Selectable = Manual

CAS Latency Time = 5

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5

RAS# Precharge = 5

Precharge Delay (tRAS) = 12

ACT to ACT delay = Auto

Bank Write To READ Delay = Auto

Refresh to ACT Delay = 0

Read to Precharge Delay = Auto

Memory Performance Enhance = Normal

Dimm OverVoltage Control = +.2V

PCI-e OverVoltage Control = Normal

(G)MCH OverVoltage Control = +.2v

CPU Voltage Control = Auto

Robust Graphics Booster = Auto



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