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DDR2-1142 compatibility with Maximus Formula mobo?


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Hello everyone,


I'm in the process of building a new computer mainly for gaming. I live in the Philippines so finding quality parts is sometimes difficult as most parts need to be shipped from overseas. Anyways, my supplier had originally quoted me an Asus Blitz Formula motherboard, which I was quite happy with. Using the memory configurator on the Corsair website, I requested to order the DDR2-1142 Twin2x2048-9136C5D set of RAM to go along with the motherboard.


However, a few days ago he contacted me and told me that Asus Taiwan was no longer producing Blitz Formula boards, and offered me instead the newer Maximus Formula board.


This posed a problem for me as now I had to potentially reorder a new set of memory that would add an additional cost to my budget. It was impossible to return the RAM I had already ordered so my question is this: Can DDR2-1142 work on a Maximus board? Will I have any issues here? Or am I really SOL and need to order a new set of RAM? The memory configurator doesn't list the RAM when I checked the Maximus board, but I'm more worried about compatibility rather than recommended modules at this point.


My other option is to go with a Striker board, but I am not fond of nVidia chipsets.


Any help would really be appreciated!

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We have not tested this MB as of yet but most of the MB's with Intel chipsets topped out about 1111 Mhz, they will run on that MB but you might not reach the tested settings of the modules until the MB BIOS matures a bit more.


P.S. I just got back from Manila on the 11th sorry I missed you. Salamat Po!

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