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Evga 680I SLI and Corsair TWIN2x4096-6400C5 DHX G Compatible ???


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I brought the Evga 680i sli motherboard and the Corsair TWIN2x4096-6400C5 DHX G, and a qx6850 extreme. I installed the new Bios p31 too!!!!

The system is sometimes instabil and reboot, no bluescreen, just reboot. Sometimes its work and than reboot again.

Crysis i can play very good, with some reboots too, but than i can play it for hours, that is very weird. All the Hardware are low Temps , CPU is 30-40C Geforce 55-70C the Rams are also 30C!!!

I think its the rams or its the ultron 550w??? I have also 5 fans and a Zalman CPU fan 9700NT.

is that enough power 550w or i need more??



Can someone help me:eek:




My spellin is good but not the best, im from Germany

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Oh i dont now, i thin k there have no Website! But the Company where i bought the hardware (cpu, mainboard and grafikcard, Tower), send me yesterday a message that the power supply are too low for this Hardware, and its very unknown the name Ultron!!!

But enyway i will try memtest now, maybe its ram, maybe!


When i test the rams with memtest, there must have no errors and no pass, is that right :confused:


If there have no errors and no passes, is it the powersupply that make problems ??? The CPU? I hope not??

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Well no, if the system is underpowered or the PSU is noisy they will generate errors in memtest that look like the memory is failing. Normally if you have a failing module you would get errors on a lower test IE 1-4 and they would be consistent, if there is some other issue the errors would be on a higher test and more random.
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Hey , im back!!


Okay i brought a power supply 800 watt, the gigabyte Odin pro, but also reboots, that PC makes me is so crazy! But i let the voltage at 1.9V, i think its better, in the Game crysis , some reboots, i played the Game to the end, with 5 reboots!!! When i connected to the internet with 1.85V it was every 5 til 10 min reboot (But only when i start surfing with Explorer!). Now im 30 min connected , with no reboot with 1.9V. Maby it comes later the reboot????


But there was some moment today, i was away from the pc i think 20 min, there was a reboot!! very weird

But i think its better now?!!


Maybe i must wait for the new P32 Bios update?? Ihave the P31!


You think its the Processor or the Ram? Please Help!!

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Okay i think about it, i will try first WIN XP on my other HardDrive!! Maybe works??

I read in some forums that i must install Win Vista 64 bit, first with one Ram Module, after that, i can put the second module in, is that right??


If its not the Ram, what esle can it be???? And how can i find it out????


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Oh damn, i have wrote the wrong Part Number of my Rams


Its the TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX !!!! With the silver heatpipes!!!


Are the Rams compatible to my EVGA 680i SLI A1 wit QX6850 ???


In the Memory Configurator i havent found these Rams.


People in the forums have problems with these rams on evga 680i sli, like Random Reboots like my pc.



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Its not on this Website, here are some









Some guys have the same Rams like my pc, i have also the version D00 of the Motherboard that works with the QuadCores!!


The Guys have the same Reboots like my PC, exactly the same!!


Please Help!!






Maybe i must put the Rams on slot 2 and 4, not on 1 and 3 ???

I will try it out!

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Dosnt work, same Problem!! I think it doesnt work with Windows Vista 64???

I will test it with my old HD, i have Xp installed!!

When it works on XP, what can i do to run it on Vista 64 stable???


If its not the Ram, whatelse can it be??


Ive seen on the Bootscreen some Irq numbers, 10 and 12. Some Hardware have the same numbers. Maybe it have reboots because there have the same Irqs?

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No errors, ive run memtest for 1 and half hour.

I switched also the slots and ramsticks, the same problem!! I think it isnt the ram, i will try the (ÖCZ) Rams from a friend on the weekend!!


When i boot the pc i see IRqs (10 and 11) have the same Hardware,


Multimedia Device ---- Usb 1.1 Irq 10


Display Device ---------Usb 2.0 Irq 11



Maybe it reboots because there have the same irqs!!!


I have also some problems with the sound on games, sometimes weird noisy sounds on the left and then in the right box. its very loud sometimes!!!

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i have BadEx2 MB but use the same ram .. and in my experience the last 2 week OC my system ....

if you run 3.0 Ghz then you can run at 667 and ref frequency to 266 or 333 and up the voltage to 2.0 and also up the MCH/ICH voltage little ... wil run very very stable.


and if you run over 3 Ghz then will need to set your ram to 667 ref 226 and voltage either 2.04 or 2.08 ... also need to up the MCH/ICH little also up the frontside Bus voltage too ....


because before i can get the Prime95 run stable small FFT for 10 hours but when run Blend test always felt .... i just slowly up my voltage on ram and MCH and frontside bus ... untill i get stable ..... quick test i also run is OCCT .. only 1/2 hours but will tell you fast if it's stable ... but always run Prime95 Blend test for more then 8 hours to make sure ...


i hope this can help you out .. still running my prime95 now ... good luck

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