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Need a few extra cables for my HX520


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I was just wondering how fast the HX520's 120mm fan should spin because mine appears to be going pretty slow. The black blades aren't really whats revealing, but its the yellow sticker in the center. I would think that it would spin fast enough so that the black on the yellow sticker would be a complete blur, but it isn't. If it were just a little slower.... I might be able to read it if my eyes were fast enough.


Its really been catching my attention because the power supply was sort of damaged when I received it, and ever since the first time I turned on the PC, after it POSTs it tells me there is a CMOS checksum error. I've replaced the motherboard battery, played around with the jumpers, and flashed the BIOS with the latest version twice. I've been working on this all vacation long, and the problem is either my motherboard or the power supply according to the advice I've been getting around the internet.


In case it's important, the damage appeared to be only external. The black metal casing was pushed/bent forward, exposing an opening. I was able to push it back somewhat, but not all the way.


So how fast in RPM should this fan be rotating at?

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