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2 TWINX 2048 8500CDC voltage question


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Had purchased a CM2X1024-8500C5D 2bg twin pack. RAM installed into 122-CK-NF67-A1 EVGA board. Worked great for 2 months. Had to RMA for exchange. Meanwhile went to TigerDirect and picked up another 2gb in order to get the system up and going.


Now, here is my issue.

RMA ram arrived and it is ver1.3 2.20V

RAM I purchased at TigerDirect is ver2.2 2.10V


When all 4 sticks are plugged in the system will not boot.

Do you think it is save to adjust the voltage in BIOS to 2.20V to satisfy ver1.3?


It seems to me that the MB detects and sets the voltage based on the stick in DIMM 0 slot. ( I might be wrong )




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With 4 X 1024 you are going to have to drop the bandwidth from 8500 (1066MHz) to 6400 (800MHz). Set the DRAM to v2.1v and the bandwidth to 800Mhz with 4-4-4-12.


Download memtest from http://www.memtest.org and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.


So the steps are.


Turn your computer off and insert two sticks in Dimm Slots 1 & 3.

Restart, enter BIOS, set to 2.1v and 800MHz with 4-4-4-12.

Save settings and shut down.

Insert the second set of sticks in Dimm Slots 2 & 4.

Restart and boot to the memtest CD.



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So it would not be wise to set the voltage manually to 2.20V and force v1.3 pair to operate at this voltage. Is this pair v1.3 going to burn out at 2.20V?


What performance hit will I take by doing 800Mhz and timing 4-4-4-12?


Thanks for your help.



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THanks for your help. I talked to support and here is what they had me do.


Change voltage from auto to manual 2.20V.

Change timing from auto to manual, 5-5-5-15 and the last variable was something like tDD ( do not have the name in front of me ) but changed the value from 22 to 28.


All memory modules are working fine now. Win XP of course is reporting 2.5bg on the properties. System Info show all 4gb but 2.5gb usable.



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