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Asus Maximus Formula SE & CM2X1024-6400


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There is a similar thread..."http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=64479 "


I'm a novice system builder. I wasn't sure whether to start this new thread or comment on that one.


I followed all of the suggestions up until the last post:


My system has the following specs:

Intel Quad Core Q6600

Asus Maximus Formula SE Bios 701


eVGA Geforce 8800GTX

Soundblaster X-Fi ExtremeGamer

ATI TV Wonder 650HD PCI-E

750W PSU (Thermaltake)


DRAM=2.0V w/ Auto Timings and Legacy USB off


I had four sticks of the RAM. One was obviously defective and would not let the system boot so I RMA'd it already.



The remaining 2 of the 3 sticks have the following errors in MEMTEST-86... I didn't test the third because at this point it seems highly unlikely it's just a RAM issue.


Aside from a faulty motherboard, what can cause these RAM errors and system instability?

How do I diagnose a mobo problem vs a RAM or Peripheral problem?


Thanks in advnance.

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Download Memtest86+ Version 1.70 from http://www.memtest.org

Remove all but one stick and test each stick singly.


To isolate the issue from motherboard, test the DRAM in another system. If you are getting more than one stick having errors then it is very doubtful that the passive DRAM is causing the issue. Look to your power supply and motherboard as possible creators of the issues.



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I tested only one stick so far. After 90 minutes I got this error one 1 stick of ram (1st slot):


test:8 pass:6 failing address: 000174e4610-372.2MB

good: ffffffff bad:fffffffd Err Bits: 0000 0002 Count:1


Should I try manual timings or keep them on auto with voltage at 2.0? I will test the additional sticks tomorrow.


btw.... i just noticed that the Asus QVL rec'd CM2X1024-6400C4 for this mobo which seems to have different timings than my CM2X1024-6400... maybe my ram isn't for this system?

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I lowered the DRAM freq to 667 at 1.9volts and got the same error address... this time it was on the 1st pass instead of the 6th...


So all 4 sticks have failed memtest... I don't have access to another board that supports ddr2-800 or a spare PSU, so how do I determine if it is a memory problem vs a mobo problem or PSU problem?


Also, did I buy the wrong ram? Asus QVL lists CM2X1024-6400CR as recommended memory but I have CM2X1024-6400... is this the problem?

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