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hx620W Compatible?


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I have a Neo480W currently, and seem to have constant power issues.. At the moment my pc will not boot at all. The mobo has a green light on it, but nothing happens when i push the power button on. This has happened in the past, and after approximately 30 minutes of power cycling and pressing the power button on the case, it would come on. Now, it won't come on at all.


I'm thinking my PSU is underrated, and was going to upgrade to the Corsair hx620w. Is this PSU compatible with my mobo, and do you think this would solve my issues?


Asus A8N SLI Deluxe

evga 8800 GTS KO ACS3

XFi Gamer

3 x 10k Raptors






Appreciate your assistance

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your running a nice system there m8, yeh soundw like a power issue similar to what i used to have i dont think that Neo480W power supply is good enough for what your running, the corsair hx620W should sort all your issues out m8 its a great power supply, you will not be using more than 450 watts so you hve plenty to play with.


all the best

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I would think there is either a problem with your motherboard or your PSU. You might want to test the PSU on a different system to see if you have the same issues. With that said, the HX620w would work great in your system!
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