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Hello every one,


I couldn't resist joining in since I have a very similar problem.

I bought a new Corsair VX450, since it is a great looking psu

I went on to the installation very quickly,

Before I removed my old psu, I made charts of how and where

every thing from the old psu is connected to the mobo.


I than installed the ATX and the 12v 8 pin and peripherals,

made sure I connected every thing properly and correctly

and plugged it in the main wall outlet.


When I turned on the computer the fans of the cpu, case and psu

start to spin and stop after a split second.

I got no post, and the green light next to the ATX connector

was turned on constantly, not blinking... it was just on.


I tried with the 12v 4 pin cable instead the 8 pin

(even though the manual didn't mention the 4 pin anywhere)

of course I disconnected all peripherals while testing.


I tried with and without the detachable 4pin from the ATX connector,

nothing... the same, won't turn on, I Reseted the CMOS as well and no help.

I installed the old psu back on and it was booting to windows with out a problem.



I was not sure the whole time if it's the computer or the

psu, if it's the mobo does it mean that I need a new mobo?

is there no way to override it in a safe way?


I bought this PSU because I bought a new GPU, now I need a new mobo?


I sure would like to know if there is any way of getting this PSU to

work with my current rig configuration.



thank you in advance,


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Can you test the power supply in another computer?


Well only in a few days, when I will be at my folks place

where my old computer is, my mom's computer

and my dad's new computer also.


extra 3 computers should be enough to check the psu.

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Hello RamGuy,


I tried now the PSU in a different computer and it's acting

exactly the same way, the fans spins for a sec and stop.

More over I jumpstarted the PSU using the green and black wires

and it also did not work, the fans spins for a sec and stop.


I am assuming the PSU is not ok, it's a shames, it's

a brand new PSU, I will have to get a new one.


any help in case I am missing something is welcome,

thank you,


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I had this same exact problem when I tried setting up a new 680i board. I used a working processor and a working 620 HX. The new board was a 8 pin connector instead of a four pin, I havent checked the 8 pin before. Turns out the problem was that it destroyed my 1 month old E6550 C2D. So I RMA'd the board thinking it was the board, but now I am wondering if its possible that the 4 pin connector can work fine, but the 8 pin actually fry a CPU? has anyone heard of this? Anyone's help Is greatly appreciated, I cannot afford to keep burning up c2d's if it turns out it was the psu(I guess the board tech crew will find out if it was the board or not)

Thanks all.

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