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Twinx CM512-3200C2


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WinXp upated, Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra9 Twinx 1gb dual

This sys has been fully stable for 2 years, runs 24/7 (backups overnight)


Recently started to suffer occasional freezes and Event err. 'the flush hold operation for Volume C: was aborted because of low available system memory'

This is seen when waking the PC in the morning.

On one occasion I managed to load Task Manager & noted that commit charge was 2+gb usually its less than 800mb

According to cpu-z, 2.5v 3.0-3-3-8

Should it be 3-3-3-6? there doesn't appear to be any bios options for this, bios is set to defaults.

Ive raised a support case with MS, since there is a kb article reported on winserver, which I don't have. They are researching the issue but initially suggested I try new memory.

Well I've run memtest 86+ for 4hours with no issues.

No hardware or software has been changed.

Any thoughts?


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