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Not working well with Asus A8N SLI SE

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I recently bought a Asus A8N SLI SE to replace by dead Abit K8N SLI. For some reason, with both boards, the Corsair XMS RAM (2x1GB, DDR400, CAS2-3-3-6) doesn't like to be overclocked at all. With Abit, I was able to run at most 410 mhz with the advertised timing @2.8v. But that's alright. I was running 2.7ghz (300x9) with my 165 Opteron.


Now with the A8N SLI SE, the only time I can get it to run at the advertised timing is when my Opteron is running at stock (1.8ghz), which completely defeats the purpose of buying it. Even with the slight overclock, like 2.0ghz (yes, i know how to set the RAM divider and HTT multiplier), it won't run at all, kept restarting, even with the same overclocking technique I used with the Abit. BTW, they both share the same Nvidia nForce 4 SLI chipset, so i'm familiar with the settings.


Could someone please help me with this issue?? I'll be glad to run at stock (400mhz) with the default timing. But i cna't do that when i try to do even the slightest overclock. My other brand of RAM works perfectly fine with even lower timing, and able to overclock to 2.7ghz wiht my Opteron on the Asus board. So I'm sure it's some kind of compatibility or some issues. I already RMA the RAM, but this new pair is the same issue.


Thanks in advance.

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