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Corsair FlashVoyager 8gb Write Speeds...


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Hi, I just purchased the 8gb version of the Corsair Flash Voyager, and I have been looking into the write speed. I am testing using HDTach RW, and have currently run the tests using the FAT32 and NTFS disk formats. For some reason, my write speeds do not exceed 10 mb/s. I am posting a screenshot of my results. This screenshot is the test run using NTFS formatting. It is the "full bench" with the "enable write test" box checked.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Oh, so in that respect, 10 mb/s is fine? Why would I need to RMA my drive if 10 mb/s is above the average?

My read speed is fine (35 mb/s) but my write speed is only 10 mb/s. But if the average is 9 mb/s. I don't need to RMA it do I?


But then again, in comparison to a few reviews I found, they are achieving around 16 mb/s of write speeds.

Here's a Link: http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=7704&page=3


Thanks for your time.

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