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Puchased (2) Corsair [CMX1024-3200C2PT 400MHz] and attempted to install into ASUS A8N-SLI N-Force 4 SLI Motherboard. Previously, PC had worked with two sticks of Alienware (2x256MB) when shipped. Would only run with one of the new Corsair sticks. Today, months later, sucessfully installed Windows Vista Home Premium. Clean install. PC still refuses to accept second Corsair memory in any of the numerous configurations that can be imagined. Refuses to boot:


ATHLON 64 3000

ASUS A8N-SLI N-Force 4 SLI Motherboard

(2) NVIDIA Geforce 6600GT

480 W Power Supply


Really pleased with the performance of product (both work) but I'd like to have both installed if possible.



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This board should not have issues with running this DRAM. However, this board does not easily release previous BIOS configuration. Here is what I advise:

  1. Shut the system down.

  2. Remove the power cord

  3. Open the case and remove the round CMOS battery

  4. Remove all DRAM

  5. Wait ten minutes

  6. Re-insert the round CMOS battery

  7. Insert the two sticks of Corsair DRAM in Banks 0 & 2 (Dual Channel)

  8. Restart the system

  9. Enter the BIOS

  10. Set your Vdimm to 2.85v

  11. Set your timings to 2-3-3-6


Results? If you gain a boot, then boot to Memtest and run the program for two full passes.

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Followed your instructions and then inserted the two sticks of Corsair DRAM in Banks [A1] & [b1] (which are blue). I'm hoping this is what you meant by "...0 & 2 (Dual Channel)". Unable to enter BIOS because PC doesn't boot. I have no experience with the latter but will try my best to if I can get the PC to accept product.



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Hopefully you can run with either stick singly in the B1 slot. With a single stick in the B1 slot, boot the machine and enter the BIOS. Once in the BIOS set the timings and ram voltage to DerekT's suggested values then save and exit the BIOS. After the machine fully boots into windows, shutdown the machine. Add the second stick in the A1 slot and start the machine. I suspect the default ram voltage on your particular board is a hair low and isn't sufficient to power both sticks without manually upping the ram voltage setting in the BIOS a tad first. On that board, B1 and A1 make up the first set of dual channel slots and B2 and A2 are the second set. If it still won't boot, then it's time to test the sticks individually with Memtest86+ version 1.70 in the B1 slot to see if one is faulty. See memtest.org link at bottom of this post to acquire the free Memtest86+ RAM testing utility (instructions for making the bootable CD are on the site, be sure to extract the compressed file download before burning it to the CD with burner software). Good luck.


ps: those sticks are waranteed up to but not over 2.9 volts for the RAM voltage, in case you were wondering.

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