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4gb Voyager Seen as "Disk Drive"


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My Flash Voyager installed as a "disk drive" and can only be ejected...No "Safely Remove Hardware"


This device was received as a result of an RMA and will not allow READYBOOST, even though the previous module did. When this device was first installed, it was recognized as a "USB EMBEDDED HUB"


Before you ask I have: Pointed the device to %ROOT%\Windows\System32\FileRepository


and Changed the name of INFCACHE.1 so that vista would recreate it on Re-boot


I have also applied a windows hotfix for USB device Roll-up: Windows6.0-KB940105-x64


I have also uninstalled the driver and re-plugged in the flash drive to see if it would be recognized in a new way.


Finally attempting to remove possible U3 features, I slow formatted this drive to NTFS...NO DICE

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