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a couple of questions

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1) just bought a 512meg stick of the xms ddr500.. and im running it at 244mhz.. 488mhz latencies 2.5 4 3 7 motherboards an asus p4p800 deluxe and the cpu a p4 2.6c @ 3172.1. cas latency of 2 and the pc no boot. cas to ras delay of 3 and pc no boot. the case is rammed full of cables and its difficult to get to the cmos reset.. do you think its reseonable to get the cycle time down to 6? and if i manage to get the fsb upto 250.. what are the chances of the memoery running at the latencies ive currently defined? ..sorry more than 2 questions... when ive a little more cash to spend id like to get another stick of ddr500 to go with the one ive got... are the chances good that they'll run happily together in dual channel mode? i originally bought twinx pc3200 but they refuse to overclcock . the only way i get the cpu upto the speed now was by changing the cpu/memory ratio.. which basically counteracted any performance gains from the increased fsb.... changing from the dual channel twin x ddr400 at 2 3 2 6 @ 196 to the single chip xms ddr500 at 2.5 4 3 7 @ 244 seems to have little overall performance effect.. it is a little faster now but i think dual channel 500 will be more what i expected.. da@nn also what are the chances of the ddr500 @ 392.. running stabley with 2 3 2 6?
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