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P5K-E and 6400C4 Memory Timings?


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After moving from an AMD 4200+ and a pair of Corsair value ram sticks to a quad core on a P5K-E with 4GB of 6400C4 memory, I'm seeing far worse performance in nearly everything. I suspect that my ram timings may be at fault. Can you help?


By the way, I'm running Vista 32. Yes, I know I won't get the benefits of the last gig of memory, but I couldn't pass up the price. :)

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I have this same board. Are you overclocking? What are your (if any) customized BIOS settings?



I've tried every setting I can think of. Everything from auto across the board to 5-5-5-15 to my currently stable but craptastic performance 4-4-4-12. I've also tried voltages as high as 2.1 and as low as 1.8. It isn't that it is unstable, just the performance in games that got 60+ fps or more have dumped into the teens or worse. I also reinstalled my graphic drivers just in case to no avail.

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Shut the system down

Remove two sticks

Restart and leave the BIOS settings as they were for 4 sticks.

Test your games FPS



What games are you playing?


The same sadly. About 15 FPS at max settings in Hellgate, and about 25 FPS at max settings in UT3. (I say max settings, but both at 1680x1050 resolution - not truly 'max')


Got a better benchmark? I don't think my expectations are too out of whack that with a system this powerful I should see a better framerate...I just don't have anything to compare it to but the AMD I just replaced. I wish the RAMGUY would pop up and confirm the timings I have set as well.

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