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New value select causes system to become very unstable


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Added in a new stick of Corsair ValueSelect memory, same thing I've been running for 3+ years. System booted up, but was extremely slow. Opened outlook and IE7, outlook crashed, then IE, then got the BSOD. Tried it again, same thing. Powered down, took the new stick out figuring it was bad, put the old stick back into dimm slot 1, booted. Same thing happened again. Powered down, video card had come unseated. Reset it, booted up, same thing. Tried it again with both sticks, new memory in slot 1, old one in slot 2, BSOD yet again. Any suggestions? I'm fine with the new stick possibly being bad, I can return that, but why won't the system run properly with just the old stick? It's been perfectly fine as I said for 3+ years.
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